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The Waldsee hotel, was built in 1905 by the Brinz brothers on Germany's highest located fen lake, and has a long history. A look at the chronicles of the house reminds one of the earlier days: Already Otto von Habsburg sought to rest here. A bath in the lake brought about the desired relief from illnesses of circulation and the joints. In the winter the frozen lake is a magnet for skaters and the until today loved sport of curling.

In the year 2005 the Waldsee hotel was 100 years old.

Hotel Waldsee
Austraße 41
88161 Lindenberg

Phone.: 0 83 81 / 92 61 0
Fax: 0 83 81 / 92 61 44
E-Mail: info@hotel-waldsee.de

Culinary offers of the season and special highlights from the restaurant: